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Liquor Store Shelving

Liquor Store Shelving
Liquor Store Shelving

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Liquor Store Shelving



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Liquor Shelving Half Uprights

For wall mounted shelving applications that install on 36" or 48" and use standard Madix 36" or 48" shelves and accessories.  Does not have provisions for Back Panels.  Installation and mounting hardware not included.  Available in heights from 36" to 96".  Pricing below.

Height Price
36" $19.80 each
42" $21.35 each
48" $21.35 each
54" $22.85 each
60" $24.35 each
66" $25.70 each
72" $27.40 each
78" $30.55 each
84" $30.55 each
90" $33.50 each
96" $33.50 each




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